Compass Roofing, The Right Direction for You!

We're Your Partner

When you call someone for a job you put your own reputation on the line. That requires trust and we know you just don't put your trust in anyone. You need someone who will do the job just as you would do it yourself. Someone you can rely on, not just as an asset but as a partner. Being that partner is something we take seriously at Compass Constructors. We're not just a roofing company, we're your top of the field experts. We're your always there safety net. We're your, I need that right now, this must work perfectly, thank you for going the extra mile company. Whatever you need where ever you need it, we're your partner.

Our Reputation

From the beginning Compass Constructors has been a family owned company, a company whose reputation is important because that reputation has a heartbeat. We're not a brokerage company or owned by a large investment company, we have 1 owner that shows up to the office each and every day. He drives the trucks, he's been on roofs, and he's done it. The vision that Allan Arias has in making this company grow has been its true success.

The Right People

We have great tools to work with and the right people to work them. Based upon the skills and the proficiency that they are able to do on the job site, that's what sets us apart. Simply putting a roof on your building is not all that we do, we ensure that the roof is safe, intact and 100% installed correctly from start to finish. And if something unexpected should arrive, we've got your back. On the surface a roofing company seems simple, that anyone can do it, but it's our employees and the service and expertise they provide that makes Compass Constructors stand out. Hard working folks that care about your project and want nothing more than to help you get the job done.