Who We Are


Whether a person, guidepost or a sign. mind the meaning of each direction as you travel.

  • North represents home and wisdom;
  • South embodies passion and creation;
  • East signifies new beginnings;
  • West symbolizes introspection.

A good compass reminds us of what we set out to do, or the destination we want to reach. know what you seek and your path will become clear!

Roofing job

We’re Your Partner

When you call someone for a job you put your own reputation on the line. That requires trust and we know you just don’t put your trust in anyone. You need someone who will do the job just as you would do it yourself. Someone you can rely on, not just as an asset but as a partner. Being that partner is something we take seriously at Compass Constructors. We’re not just a construction company, we’re your top of the field experts. We’re your always there safety net. We’re your, I need that right now, this must work perfectly, thank you for going the extra mile company. Whatever you need where ever you need it, we’re your partner.

Our Reputation

From the beginning Compass Constructors is a company who’s reputation is important. We’re not a brokerage company or owned by a large investment company. Compass started from very little and worked its way up by building a good team and a good name. The passion and vision behind our growth is what makes us a true sucesss.


Allan Arias
Allan Arias
Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Christ Headshot
Andrew Christ
Chief Operating Officer
Jody Sims Headshot
Jody Sims
Office Manager

Associations & Certifications

Compass Constructors is an 8(a) and MBE/DBE – certified company. Compass Constructors is a General Contractor with self-performance capabilities in roofing and architectural sheet metal for clients in the Federal, Municipal, and private sectors.