Mission, Vision, and Values


Compass Constructors mission is to deliver the most high-performance project delivery for our clients. We do so by harboring the industry’s most talented and effective managers and superintendents to ensure that quality, schedule, cost controls, and safety are maintained through all aspects of a project’s lifespan.


Compass Constructors vision is to maintain consistent growth in the construction industry by maintaining the highest level of Integrity, Safety, Creativity, and Respect. These are the core values of our organization.


At Compass Constructors we provide a value-added service beyond the product. We are committed to providing education and excellent customer service that is unsurpassed in the industry! We don’t just build customers, we build lifelong relationships!


We value diversity and inclusion. It helps separate our company from our competitors and achieves a higher level of innovation which better positions our company for success. We are committed to inclusion across race, gender, nationality, religion, age, and other unique attributes. We operate with an open and inclusive atmosphere which different viewpoints are welcomed.


Priority number one. We hold safety in the highest regard. We are committed to the safety of anyone who is on a Compass jobsite. Our commitment includes implementing the latest safety procedures and technologies to ensure that every employee that steps foot on one of our projects returns home to their family and friends every day.