Kanopolis Administration Center

Kanopolis Administration Center

Location: Kanopolis Administration Center

Client: US Army Corp of Engineers

Completion: 2021

Value: Project Value: $88,205.00


  • Project Relevancy:  This project reflects our ability to understand and follow the contractual requirements of the Government.  This project also shows our ability to oversee and manage multiple subcontractors on a project.  Though we do not anticipate the need for many subcontractors for this contract, should the need arise, it reflects our ability to effectively manage and procure qualified trade partners.   
  • Project Schedule:  Compass Constructors received Notice to Proceed on September 22, 2021.  Construction began on November 16th, 2021.  Construction completed on December 17th, 2021.  The contractual substantial completion date is listed as December 20th, 2021.  
  • Nature of firm’s responsibility:  On this project, Compass Constructors worked as the Prime Contractor.
  • Percentage of the work that your firm performed as the prime contractor:  Compass Constructors performed 100% of this project as the prime contractor.

This project consisted of the structural repair of two interior masonry load bearing walls located within the Administration Building at Kanopolis Lake.  Specifically, the scope of work included selective demolition, shoring, demolition, structural anchoring/supporting, grout placement, and interior finish repair in the immediate vicinity of the damaged masonry walls.  The walls had previously experience structural fatigue/cracking due to lateral loading (thought to be results of an earthquake). .